1. Decentralized Static Site with Zola, ENS, and IPFS

  2. Thief (Gold) Colemak Controls

  3. Bubbly Button

    A cool CodePen that demonstrates complex CSS animation in a simple way.

  4. Also referred to as "fence-posting." The fifth fence-post (id 4) exists, but the fifth element does not. Slicing is a fence-post operation, indexing is an element operation.

    Stack Overflow - Array slicing in Ruby: explanation for illogical behaviour (taken from Rubykoans.com) by Matty K
  5. FirstVoices

    Arrived here when I was checking out the local traditional language, she shashishalhem, website.

  6. Node.js Documentation - ECMAScript modules

    Will be fun to support ESM and CJS

  7. A Half-Dozen Tips For Co-Hosting Your First Screencast

  8. The unfortunate implication of mock-based unit testing is that any test written with this approach is inherently implementation-aware. By mocking a specific dependency, your test becomes reliant on how the code under test consumes that dependency, which is not regulated by the public interface.

    Unit Testing is Overrated
  9. πŸ’» Watched: CS:GO's Cursed Superstar Resurrected: The Story of Hiko

    Totally forgot how much I miss watching Hiko play.

  10. My Approach to Code Reviews

  11. What music do you listen to while working?

  12. Intro To Service Meshes For The Busy Developer

  13. Evoluent VerticalMouse4 + OSX Catalina + Karabiner = Working Buttons

  14. Finding Available Icons for Ubuntu Touch App Dev

  15. Anchors and height of a Page are automatically determined to align with the header of the MainView, but can be overridden. Page contents does not automatically leave space for the Page header, so this must be taken into account when anchoring the contents of the Page.

    Ubuntu.Components Page
  16. Setup your Wifi Card from the Command Line in Debian Buster

  17. πŸ’» Watched: Preventing the Collapse of Civilization by Jonathan Blow

  18. Finally, Smaller Images

  19. Project Beetle: Year 2019, Week 38

  20. Project Beetle: Year 2019, Week 37

  21. πŸ’» Watched: The Future of Programming by Bret Victor

    I found it entertaining and a little sad that we are not there yet.

  22. Using Fastify with Sapper

  23. Project Beetle: Year 2019, Week 36

  24. πŸ’» Watched: The Future of Programming - A talk by "Uncle" Bob Martin

    How did our industry start, what paths did it take to get to where we are, and where is it going.

  25. Project Beetle: Year 2019, Week 28

  26. Project Beetle: Year 2019, Week 27

  27. πŸ’» Watched: ESL Cologne 2019 - Vitality vs Liquid

    Went to Game 4, really great series to watch. Some outstanding plays from RpK, ZywOo, and Twistzz.

  28. πŸ’» Watched: ESL Cologne 2019 - Natus Vincere vs Liquid

  29. πŸ’» Watched: ESL Cologne 2019 - Astralis vs Vitality

  30. πŸ’» Watched: Do the Right Thing

  31. IndieWeb Summit - Day 2: Annotations

  32. πŸ’» Watched: ESL Cologne 2019: Astralis vs NIP

  33. πŸ’» Watched: ESL Cologne 2019: Nrg vs Liquid

  34. πŸ’» Watched: ESL Cologne 2019: Heroic vs NIP

  35. IndieWeb Summit - Day 1: Annotations

  36. Render Multiple Content Types in One Loop with Hugo

  37. Lastly, remember it’s the people who use our websites and apps that we build for. Not acceptance from our peer group and certainly not our own selfish needs.

    Keep It Simple by Andy Bell
  38. Project Beetle: Year 2019, Week 25

  39. IndieWeb Goals 2019

  40. Blog posts are now licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

  41. Gitlab Gated Pipeline

  42. Getting Started With ASP.NET 5 On Linux