Matthew Cantelon


Picture of Matthew staring into space

I am the Lead Developer on a team of e-commerce API developers.

I like learning new programming languages but I am really only proficient at one at a time.

I work from home, partly for the silence and partly to take care of my wife and dog.

I have a wife with chronic Lyme disease.

I have a dog, she is some sort of Red Heeler mix.

I ride a fixed gear bike because I hate myself.

I have watched The Office six times. I could do a few more.

I got this photo taken by Andre Lopes, he’s a good dude.

Understanding the site

This site is more of a playground for me. I try out new techniques, attempt to think out loud, and live in a cycle of unfinished ideas.

In typical IndieWeb style, I use a number of different post types. Here is an explanation of how I use them:

  • Watched: kind of a running list of things I have watched that I found interesting or exciting. There may be notes or thoughts about the program but they are typically quick and not well thought out.
  • Quotes: interesting quotes I have run into when reading or watching things. I don’t tend to add any additonal context or notes to these. I am happy to let them sit on their own.
  • Blog posts: long-form posts that I spend more time thinking about and building upon. I try to research what I am writing about but sometimes a post is more of a point-in-time opinion that will change as I learn more.


So I am currently keeping my todo list for the site in a Trello board. Prior to that, they were stored in Bitbucket issues. Both of these solutions have been mediocre. I think that by moving the list here, I might be able to action it better. Maybe.

In order of importance but not necessarily the order of completion:

  • Asset pipeline so that the site no longer serves 4MB images on mobile
  • Accessibility review to make sure it is easy to read the site
  • Add support for sending and receiving Webmentions
  • Update the homepage to have a small About Me section and some of my projects in addition to latest blog posts
  • Figure out the correct microformats to use for the /about and /now pages
  • Release the source code for this site