Project Beetle: Year 2019, Week 27

My wife, the dog, and myself were all sick for a week. It was brutal. We are still recovering so this week has been cleaning, organizing, and preparing to do work.

Receipt organization

When we bought the car, I asked the previous owner if I could get all of the receipts they had. They were kind enough to give them to me. I went through them during the week and found that at least half were for other cars. Ultimately, I have written up notes from the receipts and put them in the History section of the project overview page.


We sold a few things from our storage which gave us enough space to move the car cleaning supplies and spare parts out of the car and into storage.


We ordered two books and they both arrived:

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I used the Bentley manual frequently with my Mark 2 Golf and Jetta so I'm very excited to have one for this car. While looking to order the Bentley, I found the Compleat Idiot's guide. Fantastic purchase! The illustrations in the book are fun and easy to decipher.


Finally ordered the gas elimination kit from Wolfsburg West. Looking forward to installing that.