Project Beetle: Year 2019, Week 38

Two failed attempts to perform an oil change... 🀨

{{< img src="images/featured.png" alt="VW Beetle sitting pretty in the shade of a tree" >}}

Shimmy and shake

Off and on for the past month, there has been a shake in the front end. It usually happens around 55mph and more often when the road is dry. Need to jack up the front end and figure it out.

Oil change, psh

The poor Bug is well overdue for an oil change. We tried to change the oil on two separate occassions but were unable to:

  • at our new place, the ground wasn't solid enough so our jack was sliding around
  • went to drive to my father's house but the car was shaking more violently then it ever had and it started well before 55mph so we turned around and went home

I really need to do this soon.

New heater hoses

Ordered these with the gaskets we got. I felt bad for not doing an oil change so I made sure to install these.

{{< img src="images/heaterhoses.jpg" alt="Fancy new aluminum heater hoses" >}}

Trip to the city

It was my wife's birthday this month so we made the trip back to the city to celebrate with her family. We also had a lot of shopping to do so I cleared out the speakers, subwoofer, and amplifier that where in the parcel tray. This gave us space to stick a backpack and a 45L Coleman cooler.

Passenger mirror fun

While we were in town, I found a bit of time to go work on the car. My intent was to fix the passenger mirror, which has been loose since we got the car. Well, I went to tighten the nut and it fell right off. Turns out that it had snapped some time ago and the previous owner glued it back on.

{{< img src="images/mirroradjustnut.jpg" alt="The nut in my hand" >}}

{{< img src="images/mirror.jpg" alt="The left over glue on the mirror" >}}