IndieWeb Summit - Day 1: Annotations

I was watching the IndieWeb Summit 2019 stream and wanted a way to come back to various points to re-watch. Maybe someone else would also like that?



Starts at 21m 55s

Tantek Çelik introduces the venue, Code of Conduct, the other organizers (Tiara and Aaron), and kicks off the Keynotes.


The Saturday schedule is also available on the IndieWeb Summit Schedule wiki page

SpeakerTalkOn Twitch AtLength
Tantek ÇelikState of the IndieWeb31m 34s7m 34s
Kitt HodsdenOn Contractions & Expansions39m 17s8m 35s
mJordanChanging My Domain48m 14s5m 16s
Marty McGuireOwn Your Mobile Experience54m 03s13m 17s
Jacky AlcinéMaking the IndieWeb for All1h 08m 19s13m 20s

Personal site show-off

This is where a number of people at the Summit take two minutes (including time to connect to the TV) to showcase their website.

Tantek Çelik

Jamey Sharp

Unfortunately we lost the sound part way into their presentation.

Jared White

We get the sound back towards the end of this presentation.

Jared Ewy

"Square-ed" killed me.


Jordan Brady

Andi Galpern

Lillian Karabaic

Johannes Ernst

Jonathan LaCour

I think this is one of my favourites, really cool features for memories.

Micah Silverman

Kevin Ferguson

Darius Kazemi

Mime Čuvalo

Mostly demoed their writing/reading process, need to watch stream to see it.

Tomas Quinones

Not link-able is the bike ride heat map they demoed.

Katie Johnson

Malcolm Blaney

Jack Jamieson

Dave Peck

Maxwell Joslyn

Sam Menza

Jacky Alciné

Greg McVerry

Tiara Miller

David Shanske

Don Park

Aaron Parecki

Marty McGuire


Jacky Alciné (round 2)

Ariana Lutterman


This is the first half of the day and was very interesting to watch. A little bummed that I missed it live but oh well.

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