IndieWeb Summit - Day 2: Annotations

Continuing from my Day 1 post, here is a markup of what occurred on stream with any extra notes I had along the way.

The Day 2 schedule is on the IndieWeb wiki and the Twitch stream starts at the Demo portion of the schedule.



Unsure how to spell Cheryl's last name.

They got their website up in one day!

Jacky Alciné

Showed off a cool idea to document how they create and work with their site.

Jonathan LaCour

Cleaned up subscription page. "Following" page, connected to a microsub server to list feeds they use.

Tom Brown

Added support for Dat.

Jared White

Added webmention display.

Gregor and Malcom

A working demo of AutoAuth with private post on Gregor's site and accessible from Malcom's reader.

Lillian Karabaic

Clustered data points for checkins/images, easier to data on map.

Tomas Quinones

To help showcase bike rides.

David Bryant

Got a bunch of IndieWeb stuff working with Wordpress.

Greg McVerry

New publishing interface and styling for the output.

Christopher Thomson

First portfolio website, done in a weekend.

Nagisa Day

Big site refactor.

Ariana Lutterman

First website.


Python authentication library to wrap a bunch of auth types. Cool demo.

Marty McGuire

Micropub change so that in-reply-to is an object that can be rendered instead of just a URL. Neat stuff.

Johannes Ernst

Created templates to simplify installing a website, this is a big deal in my opinion. Really good for new technical people, maybe even non-tech.

Micah Silverman

Learned about IndieAuth, wrote Okta integration, lots of documentation.


Used IPFS to store webmention data for static websites.

Jackie Jamieson and David Shanske

Yarns microsub server: improved feed search speed and results. Also improved webmentions on own site.

Mime Čuvalo

Interoperability with many federated social services

Aaron Parecki

Changed Aperature to have feed naming. Also updated how posts look on personal site, color background based on tags :0

Tantek Çelik

Opened an issue on Xray for making links nicer when replying.


Starting a design system, opened another repo to learn linting/testing.

Andi Galpern

Helping everyone at the Summit. Worked on a post for accessibility and started a blog section on their site for self-hosting content.

Closing Remarks

June 27-28 2020 is the 10th Annual Summit.

Starts on Twitch at 1h 10m 30s

This was also posted to /en/indieweb.