Finding Available Icons for Ubuntu Touch App Dev

There is no official list online but there are two ways to get the list of icons: finding the repository they come from or connecting to a phone with Ubuntu Touch installed.

The repository

The Suru project is open source though I'm not sure if icons have been updated somewhere else. This is the original project: The Suru Icon repository

On a phone

I have Ubuntu Touch OTA12 installed on my Nexus 5. The process to find the icons was this:

adb shell
cd /usr/share/icons/suru

From there you can look at the file names to determine the icon name.

Who cares?

Anyone looking to add an icon to their user interface when creating applications for Ubuntu Touch. Here is a QML example of a button:

Button {
    iconName: 'list-remove'

This will use the icon at actions/scalable/list-remove.svg, which has a similar name in the repository under actions/list-remove-symbolic.