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IndieWeb Summit - Day 2: Annotations

Continuing from my Day 1 post, here is a markup of what occurred on stream with any extra notes I had along the way.

Jul 4, 2019   #indieweb 

IndieWeb Summit - Day 1: Annotations

I was watching the IndieWeb Summit 2019 stream and wanted a way to come back to various points to re-watch. Maybe someone else would also like that?

Jul 2, 2019   #indieweb 

Render Multiple Content Types in One Loop with Hugo

Hugo has a way of creating views for content types that can be rendered anywhere on the site. Today I learned that if a template cannot be found, then no error occurs. Frustrating to debug but a useful feature once figured out. Using this knowledge, I have created a way to show only certain types of content in my homepage feed without complicated logic.

Jun 30, 2019   #hugo  #content view  #indieweb 

IndieWeb Goals 2019

If you haven’t heard of the IndieWeb, it is the idea that people should be in control of and own the content they create.

May 26, 2019   #indieweb  #indieauth  #webmentions