1. Also referred to as “fence-posting.” The fifth fence-post (id 4) exists, but the fifth element does not. Slicing is a fence-post operation, indexing is an element operation.

    - Stack Overflow - Array slicing in Ruby: explanation for illogical behaviour (taken from Rubykoans.com) by Matty K
  2. The unfortunate implication of mock-based unit testing is that any test written with this approach is inherently implementation-aware. By mocking a specific dependency, your test becomes reliant on how the code under test consumes that dependency, which is not regulated by the public interface.

    - Unit Testing is Overrated
  3. Anchors and height of a Page are automatically determined to align with the header of the MainView, but can be overridden. Page contents does not automatically leave space for the Page header, so this must be taken into account when anchoring the contents of the Page.

    - Ubuntu.Components Page

    This totally didn't kick my ass

  4. Lastly, remember it’s the people who use our websites and apps that we build for. Not acceptance from our peer group and certainly not our own selfish needs.

    - Keep It Simple by Andy Bell